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July 2013

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Poster presentation at this year’s annual HEA conference held at the University of Warwick

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April 2013

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Knowledge transfer event  The Forgotten Year: Enhancing the Second Year Experience

 NFT2The Academic Enhancement Unit recently hosted a half-day national event ‘The Forgotten Year: Enhancing the Second Year Experience’.  Forty five people took part in the event, including twenty three external participants from various universities including Edge Hill, Sheffield Hallam, Leicester De Montfort University, York St John University, University of Lancaster, University of Birmingham, University of Glasgow, University of Leeds, Newcastle University, Canterbury Christ Church, Bradford University  and Huddersfield. Dr Caroline Stainton from the Higher Education Academy also attended.

The 2010-2013 £200,000 research project funded by the Higher Education Academy through the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) has established LJMU’s position in leading the research in the second year student experience.

The LJMU research team shared the project outcomes and the impact of the institutional interventions. The workshops on data analysis, Bb community sites and second year induction gave participants practical insights into how to interrogate and support the second year experience.  External colleagues also had a chance to present their university second year support initiatives. Participants found the dynamic, fast paced event very informative and thought provoking.  

Lisa Ward, Head of the Teaching and Learning Institute at the University of Huddersfield said: “It was… a great day. I really enjoyed it. I was impressed with the workshops and research you are undertaking. I’m also going to talk to staff at Huddersfield about using institutional data, which I found really useful”. This event was a first step in developing a UK community of practice for academic and support staff committed to helping students to negotiate successfully the challenges of the ‘middle’ year of academic study.

 The following presentations were made on the day by the project team and external colleagues

1 M.Yorke Presentation 180413 v1    2 Team 18th April SS V 17 04 (2)    3 P HughesOUuduction_liverpool_ 2013

   4 F K Duah LJMU 18 April   5 Tinker and Hill Liverpool JM 2013 (2)   6 Second year students use of CLaSS (2)

7 E Ragoneses Sophmore Slump PPT   8 A tripartite approach to tackling the Sophomore Slump V1

October 2010

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Met with ‘critical friends’ from Bradford University to discuss ongoing project activities, future plans and to learn about the Bradford model of student engagement and outcomes of the Outduction project. Outduction is a collaborative project between Kingston University London and the University of Bradford. Also funded by the Higher Education Academy’s National Teaching Fellowship Scheme it aims to improve the understanding of the experience of students in their final year of undergraduate study. Becka Colley Dean of Students at Bradford has been invited to join our Project Board.

September 2010

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Team attended National Teaching Fellowship induction event for projects funded in 2010 at the Higher Education Academy York. This was an opportunity to network with other project teams and share project management experience. The academy gave advice on project reporting and action planning. Key members of the team attended and Elena won the quiz!