September 2012

September 2012

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 EAIR_2012 Zaitseva, Milsom, Stewart   EAIR_presentation_2012 Milsom Stewart Zaitseva

The European Association of Institutional Research is a unique association for professionals in the area of higher education management, and for academics researching that area.  This year the annual conference was held in Stavanger, Norway.  Whilst the programe was delivered through a series of named strands the main themes are listed below.

  • Longitudinal monitoring of institutional data to measure the impact of interventions and policy changes, for example Georgia University of Technology
  • Joined up use of data, for example, professional service teams working in collaboration
  • Recognition that ‘para-academic’ roles are here to stay and need a defined career structure
  • More use of data mining involving software recognising patterns in the data , for example, structural equation modelling.  Most institutions presentations involved more sophisticated modelling and mining of data.
  • Analysis of administrator job satisfaction. Findings showed that intrinsic satisfaction is the main determinant of  ’overall satisfaction’.  The strongest predictor for intrinsic satisfaction is teamwork.
  • More systematic use of institutional data  used more systematically to inform policy, particularly in US.
  • Many institutions are struggling with Quality Assurance in terms of its bureaucratic nature, little engagement from academic staff with QA.  Seen as strong administrative function.



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